West Jefferson United Methodist Church is part of the world-wide United Methodist family.   Our beliefs are anchored in the tenets of historic Christianity and the Methodist movement.  
        Methodism began in the 1700's under the leadership of John Wesley, an English pastor based in London and vicinity.  Wesley proclaimed the message of God's love to all kinds of people, using "methods" considered unique and unconventional in his time: street and field preaching, the use of lay people as key leaders, and an emphasis on both personal salvation and social justice were important components of the movement.   
       With the emergence of the United States, Methodism came from England to the colonies, where horseback-riding preachers took the message and the movement to both cities and rural communities.
       In 1784, the American Methodists formed a new denomination separate from their roots in the Church of England.  Throughout the years, a variety of Methodist denominations emerged, with The United Methodist Church being organized in 1968.
       Through it all, a key word in Methodist beliefs has been grace.  Grace is the love of God that is available to all, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  By grace we are saved through faith, so that we are forgiven, changed and able to honor God in all we are and do.
       Key experiences of our lives as Christians include regular worship, the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and service to others through mission projects in the community and world.
       A person indicates his or her desire to be a Christian by making a profession of faith through baptism or confirmation, uniting as a "professing member" of The United Methodist Church.  At the request of a parent, a child may be baptized as a sign of God's grace and love, and may make a profession of faith as a youth or adult at a time of his or her own choosing.
       All are welcome, and anyone may participate in the ministries of the church without regard to membership.